Toybox – Part III

First and foremost, I need to thank Pedja for working so hard on painting his toybox – luckily, he didn’t insist on using the paint, but he did damn fine job of brushing the lid. It seems like he remembered exactly how I was doing it, and in addition implemented his own technique that utilizes climbing. A side and a half got painted today. I’m pretty sure I’ll go to town with the back side, so I am counting on two more days of work at least.

IMG_9324 IMG_9328 IMG_9338

IMG_9339 IMG_9340 IMG_9342

Toybox – Part II

Today I drew the grid and circles again, and realized the stencil isn’t going to work, because the paint leaked under it. It was hard to cover an area completely with paint, so I had to keep adding more, which resulted in smeared streaks around the circle. Luckily, this paint can be wiped off completely and easily while it’s still wet – it’s like it has an Undo! In that case, why not just paint it by hand? It can’t be that tedious. In fact, I enjoyed watching my mom do one stroke painting, and that technique requires precise control of stroke and color. And I must admit, this was a lot of fun!

IMG_9298 IMG_9299 IMG_9300

IMG_9306 IMG_9313 IMG_9315

Toybox – Part I

The aim of this little project is to refurbish an old wooden chest and turn it into a toybox for the little prince. I’d love him to have a really neat storage unit for his treasure. The chest was in pretty bad shape, so I started off with thorough cleaning. Then, after sanding off some of the chipped paint, I applied wood putty to fill up the holes. After my son examined and OK-ed the chest, I’ve done my second round of sanding and rounded out all the corners.

IMG_9245 IMG_9249 IMG_9252

A few detail shots:

IMG_9253 IMG_9254 IMG_9256

Taking an opportunity while my son is asleep, I painted the inside in brown, wondering what to do with the lid. I wanted to do stencil circles, as I seem to really enjoy geometric patterns, and as I wondered what to do about the stencil, my gaze drifted around the room and stumbled upon a lid of a plastic box that used to house earbuds, had a clear plastic circle in the middle and gray plastic around it – voila! Popped the clear plastic cap out, and figured I can use it as a stencil. Its diameter is exactly 5cm, so I thought the size was just right and I can use it to build up a grid, which I did. As you can see on the third shot below, I’ve made a grid such that there are two circle widths around the interior rectangle, which is 3 circles tall and 6 circles wide (15x30cm) and I masked that with masking tape and painted the rest of the top of the lid white, essentially covering up the grid I drew originally.

Coming up next – drawing that again!

IMG_9260 IMG_9270 IMG_9272

IMG_9275 IMG_9274

Macro photography

Not a real macro, for I didn’t have real macro lens, but rather used the tube extensions which gave similar effects. These were shot on October 11th, and I’ve got two more macro shoots that I’ll post on days when I have nothing else to show :) OK, if I must give an excuse – today I was prepping and old wooden chest for refurbishing, and even though I took some pictures of it, the WIP is so early that I just don’t think there’s point of showing cracks in wood and paint being covered in wood putty and inside being washed – but if you can imagine mouse piss odor, that will give you a more complete picture of the state this old chest was in. So – macro shots from around the house:

IMG_8480 IMG_8430 IMG_8438

IMG_8470 IMG_8457 IMG_8475

IMG_8435 IMG_8431 IMG_8444

Happy 2014!

I am finally getting my obsession with animated pattern worked out in AE and C4D – what a way to start off a new year. However, this is just a very quick test to see what I can do and how to import image sequence as animated texture into C4D and use it on geometry. The idea is to make nicer, richer patterns as self contained looping and tilable animations and map them on geometry that forms more complex, morphing animated structures, like a visual landscape that constantly evolves and grows, but has the cyclical quality, kind of like life :)

Here’s just quick render of the pattern mapped onto a hollow cylinder:


and a pattern rendered to flv out of AE, sorry if it doesn’t loop or autostart, apparently the video tag is broken in WP:

Knit hats for babies

I’ve made the purple hat for a cousin Dunja’s first birthday now in December, the navy one with red border is for my son who also got a matching sweater. Dark blue and green one I’ve just finished today also for my son. He doesn’t like wearing the first one because it might be a bit scratchy, and this new one is softer, made of wool, cashmere and bit of acrylic. I used some patterns for those, but ended up doing them differently. I figured I can’t rely on patterns much anyway, because the yarn I want to use never matches the one shown on the pattern, so I end up having to recalculate everything. I’ve knit three more sweaters this winter and made a pattern for one of them from scratch, along with fill patterns for Photoshop, and I’ll have that added to downloads along with maybe a tutorial on making the sweater patterns in Photoshop… and in zBrush?!

IMG_8908 IMG_9165 IMG_9167