Bojana Nedeljkovic

bo@fogmann.comhttp://portfolio.fogmann.com ● Skype name: nbojana ● +381.62.835.6741

Dependable, efficient and highly motivated 3D artist with background in fine arts and design, having a solid grasp of computer graphics, strong technical aptitude, and 3D skills, including modeling, digital sculpting, rendering, UV mapping, texturing and rigging.



Camouflaj, LLCFebruary 2012 – July 2013 – Contract Sr. Character artist (off-site) – Character asset creation, with and without concept art, improvement of existing assets, consulting, feedback, concept development, asset preview in Unity.

WB Games | Monolith – Snowblind – Surreal – Kirkland, WA – August 2010 – February 2013, Sr. Character Artist (on-site)
Unannounced title (next gen) – created high res characters for prerendered sequences (pitch/greenlight videos), character concepts, rapid prototyping of characters in zBrush, in-game character models and textures
Guardians of Middle Earth (x360, PS3) – high and low poly modeling, texturing, creating assets for xBox avatars
Gotham City Impostors (x360, PS3, PC) – Created some player wardrobe textures
LOTR War in the North (x360, PS3, PC) Snowblind Studios – Created several full characters, polished few cinematic characters, created hair models and textures for player and NPC characters

PL Studios | Digital Tutors – Oct-Nov 2011 – Contract Instructor (off-site), created video tutorial for Creative Development Series called Character Creation Workflow With zBrush and 3D Coat.

Wonder Mine | EMP Seattle – Summer 2011 – Contract 3D Concept Artist (off-site) – Created 3D concepts for two sprue frames for SciFi Museum exhibit showcasing history of horror film; worked closely with art director on the design

Surreal Software | Midway Games, Seattle, WA – January 2008 – August 2010, Character Artist (on-site)
This Is Vegas (x360, PS3, PC) – creation of character assets, including heads, hair, clothing and accessories; importing and adjusting assets in Unreal Editor; optimization and polish of existing assets, setting up pipeline for creating LODs for the heads, character concepts via photo comps, teaching zBrush to all art teams

EA Tiburon, Orlando, FL – November 2006 – January 2008, Associate Texture Artist (on-site)
NFL Head Coach 09 (x360 and PS3) – high poly sculpting of character heads and clothing, resurfacing, UV layout and texturing; mentoring colleagues related to ZBrush and various pipeline topics; character setup, asset management and exporting
NFL Tour – created high poly and normal maps for football player jerseys
NASCAR 08 (PS3 and x360) – worked on racing tracks, including modeling, texturing, UV layout, creating collision, adjusting vertex colors, baking maps, exporting, optimizing and testing track in game

Freelance Graphic Artist and Designer – January 2005 – August 2006
Artisan Landscaping Inc., Alexandria, VA – Landscape design assistance, blueprint drafting, lit and textured landscape visualization in 3D
Breeding Construction Inc., Lorton, VA – Website design and development with CSS, Flash UI and gallery


Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA    January 2002 – May 2004
Communication Arts and Design, Kinetic Imaging Major
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Virginia Community Colleges – General studies    January 2000 – December 2001
Alexandria, VA and Charlottesville, VA
University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia; School of Architecture October 1998 – August 1999
GPA: 3.95, GPA in major: 4.00 Summa Cum Laude

Academic Achievements and Activities

  • VCU School of the Arts, Kinetic Imaging Award of Excellency, May 2004
  • Winner of Polycount’s Guitar Hero and Street Fighter challenges
  • Held zBrush training session for faculty at Art Institute of Seattle

Technical Skills

  • 3D software: Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, 3D Coat, Mudbox, Silo, 3ds Max, xNormal, Topogun, proprietary tools
  • Image manipulation software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop Lightroom
  • Other graphic software: After Effects, Nuke, Flash, Dreamweaver, Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Audition
  • Game engine experience: Unreal, Source, Doom 3/Quake 4, Renderware, Monolith engine, Unity


  • Excellent modeling and texturing skills, and ability to build efficient models from concept art, photographic sources and imagination, achieving believability and high level of likeness to source material
  • Basic understanding of HLSL and CgFX shaders, experienced with node based material editors and building complex shading networks, good understanding of real time shaders inside game engines
  • Experience with special effects, including cloth, particle effects, soft and rigid body dynamics
  • Experience with rigging and animating characters
  • Ability to learn new tools and skills quickly, and pass the knowledge to others
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, organizational and time management skills
  • Team-oriented with the ability to communicate effectively with peers, leads, art directors, artists and engineers, and to receive and provide constructive feedback
  • Strong foundation in traditional arts, understanding of anatomy, and a solid grasp of form, structure, color, and light, and ability to apply design principles to both 2D and 3D assets
  • Avid photographer, experienced with photo manipulation and retouching, familiar with Canon 40D and 7D cameras, expert knowledge of Adobe Lightroom
  • Spoken languages: English, Serbian and high school level German